Check Points

The Spectrums 6040/6550/7560 are all made up of robust equipment specifically designed to meet the needs and applications that demand high inspection and image quality, such as airports, prisons, railways and subways, stadiums, courts, secured premises where high security is required. They use a state-of-art high power x-ray generator (180kV) that meets the highest image quality and penetration requirements for even faster and more efficient inspection.

Walk through metal Detectors

Walk through metal detectors are used to inspect metallic weapons, knives, and other metallic elements which can be used to harm human or damage other infrastructure.  Walk Through metal detectors are widely used in many buildings specially used for courthouses, airports, Stadiums, police stations and even concert venues.  

Hand Held Metal Detectors

Hand held metal detectors are flexible to use anywhere & it do meets international security standards for airports, prisons, and special events.  The Super Wand’s 360° detection field provides uniform sensitivity and tip pinpointing to detect weapons and other metal objects with extreme accuracy.